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Centralized database of donors and supporters information with interaction history and notes. With built-in text, email, and phone features to help your organizations build stronger relationships. 

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SMS & Email, Marketing Automation, customizable templates, landing pages, segmentation, stats dashboard, built-in autoresponder - everything you need to promote your cause and keep donors engaged.

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Create beautiful fundraising pages in minutes with easy-to-use editor and pre-built beautiful templates that can be customized to match your fundraising program and inspire more people to join your fundraising campaign.

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Keep track of donations from different channels in one place. Offers donors with a secure and seamless payment experience with one time or recurring donation option. Accepts cash, debit/credit cards as well as cryptocurrency payments.

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Charidi automates processes to help organizations to achieve their goals. Sync and collect data from donors across many channels automatically, and send automated thank you and receipts. Easily access the reports you need.

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Donation Acceptance


Donation Kiosk

Having a donation kiosk set up in your lobby or outside your meeting hall is a great way to collect donations on the spot. Add a suggested amount to your campaigns to encourage higher donations.


Donation Links


Recurring Donations

Donors can set up recurring donations to guarantee they never miss an opportunity to give. Transfer funds automatically on a monthly, quarterly, or annually basis.

Save up $600

Get a FREE DONATION KIOSK for Nonprofit collecting over $20,000/month

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1 Year Free Service

Save up to $3600

First-year of services will be waived for Organizations who can submit a copy of the Certificate of Registration 

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Charidi vs other processors

Charidi's Pricing

2.79 plus .20 cents p/t

Other Processors

3.50 % plus .25 cents p/t
** Qualified volume pricing is available for merchants processing over $100,000 per month. Contact us for more information

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Charidi is a complete Donation platform for Institutions & Charities. Accepts all forms of payment including cash, debit/credit cards, and cryptocurrencies. Donations received through various channels are integrated on a single platform. Raising funds made easy.

Simply send a copy of your US/Canadian government-issued Registration certificate and you'll be able to utilize the Blast off Plan and take advantage of all the features Charidi has to offer to help easily transform millions of lives.

All the donations you will raise can be collected in three ways. Charidi's Payment Gateways are Payeezy,, and Coinbase

You can reach Customer Support at (305) 398-7571 or email us at Available Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM Eastern Time.

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